We too are .eus

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The .eus domain is the first level domain for Basque and Basque culture. Its aim is to support Basque and Basque culture and give cohesion to the Basque and Basque cultural community. So .eus is a tool which puts Basque on the same level as as other languages, which will help with the normalisation process for Basque and win international recognition for the Basque people.

Because of that, and because it agrees with everything said above, from today Gatibu wants to announce to all of its fans how happy the group is to be part of the already wide-ranging .eus domain community and, from now on, our renewed website can be found in each of its four languages on the corresponding country or language domains:

www.gatibu.eus (basque).
www.gatibu.es (spanish).
www.gatibu.net (english).
www.gatibu.cat (català).

.eus gure domeinua.

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