Taking part at Suria’s Caramelles

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To celebrate Suria’s 2015 Caramelles (a traditional Catalan Easter festival), and to sign off on the burst of energy which will probably occur after the music and dance-filled two events, on Sunday, 5th April, Gatibu will play from 23:30 onwards at the Pavelló d’Esports at Suria, Barcelona, along with groups such as Strombers, Pepet i Marieta and La Banda Del Coche Rojo.

You can buy tickets for the concert beforehand at Lennon’s Taberna or at La Taberna, in Suria, for €10 and for €12 at the ticket office.

We’d like to remind you that you can see more information about this concert or about any other you’re interested in by clicking on this link.

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